Beautiful friends in College

You know my friends, that I've been in my hard times but I have really beautiful friends who encourage me and help me through this hard times. They pray for me, offering helps, and sharing back their burdens to me.
I have wanted to post this before I graduate...

This is Chika and Me
Dear Chika, 
You are the most closest friend. The most calling  and texting in my phone is you. It's been 5 years we're friends. You make me in love with Japan and its cultures. You always relax in everything and playing cool when it comes to your part. You have HELPED me ALOT and many many many times. You know mostly of my secrets. I remember every Thursday we went to church and prayed. We SPENT much money to foods and movies hahaha (sshhh). And sorry I always make you busy when I come to you. :)
te amo mucho hermana.

Grace and Me

Dear Ka Grace,
You are the most amazing woman that I ever met. Your heart to serving God is so beautiful and inspiring me. You are great teacher to the children. You always offering help to me and never say No when I ask your help, though you were sick you try to do your best for me. I remember when we woke in the early morning and read the Bible and worshiped God. That's the beautiful moment. I remember when I played piano and you sang in the wedding that's beautiful. Thank you so much for the hospitality when each time I visit you and sleep with you. The morning tea with you always beautiful. Thank you that you always encourage me to seek God more. :)

Sonia and Me
Dear Sonia,

You are the most craziest girl and hot girl that I've ever met!!! hahaha Thank you for being beautiful friends and always help me in my studies, and you inspiring me and many many girls with your thoughts about purity in God's sight . You are such a great example for the girls now-days. I'm praying that your dreams come true :)

Eta and me
Dear Eta,
You are such a sweet friends, ALWAYS inspiring me in many ways....especially you heart of compassion. I am praying that someday you will have an orphanage. thank you for being such a good partner to sharing this life. I remember in that night we talked about future until early morning hahaha. Thank you so much to always host me. I'm sure you will be great leader in the future :) and thank you for you heart to Loving God more and more. and again thank you that helped me many times, and thank you that you gave me such a good influence :)

Juju and me

Dear Juju,

you are nice friend to me...I thank you for being friend with me for almost 5 years. :) it's always great to spending time together...and Papa always remember your name hehe:) hope someday you will be in Italy :)

me and Catharina ( Atin)

Dear Atin,
Thank you for always being with me during the school. I remember, you are the first friend of mind in college. The first time I talked in my college is you. Thank you for the gifts that you gave me. I still have your picture in my wallet hahaha :). I was teary when I knew you're engaged last year. I'm hoping that I will be able to come to your big day :)

Eston and me

Dear Eston,

You are the smartest brother that I've ever met! and your faith to God still inspiring me in many ways. Thank you for being such a great brother and helping me as always :) Thank you fro the book Redeeming Love that you bought for me when you're back from States. I really really thank you for that beautiful book. Thank you that you always say that "my love story" is the most beautiful love story that you ever heard in this universe. It always makes me smile. I remember when we were on the bus together talking and eating haha :) 

Bunda and me

Dear Bunda,

Thank you for taking care of me during our internship in Bali, thank you for all you advises to me a s a young lady who face the world. Thank you until now you always contact me and saiy " I miss you Eva" :) I love your cooking, always tasty for me :)

Thank you for Ka Ellen, Mey, Ode, Lelly. K Ellen, you are great sister for me :) I love you, and waiting you to come to my house... :)

and for my AIESEC family LC UPN Veteran Yogyakarta. You are always be my inspiration and encoraging me to chase my dreams. :)



Arystha said...

aaaaaa they're very good friends kak! or the best? yes yes, the best! :D

Jedidja said...

Thats nice Delvalina!

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! How lovely to meet the people that mean so much to you. And you are so blessed to have them in your life! What a great love the Lord has for you, and for them too.

I know that they treasure your friendship too!
Have a great weekend!

Maryah said...

What a beautiful post! I loved the pictures, especially the one of you and Eston! =) Praying for you!

Hilda said...

Aw sister, that is so beautiful!! You are so blessed to have so many good friends. Yay!! You have a heart of gold,

XO your sister.

Hilda said...

(Whisper) sister, keep commenting on my blog because I would love for you to win and your chances of winning look great. ;) ❤

Olga Rani said...

It is wonderful to have such good friends! And it was a pleasure to read your warm words dedicated to them.

Stephanie said...

Such a warm and heartfelt post written to your precious friends :) How wonderful for your to have these dear people in your life. Thank you, Sister, for sharing with us. It was a joy for me to read about these friends of yours that have influenced your life. And Eva, you are so beautiful! Your eyes are stunning :)

Love you!

Hilda said...

Love you, my sister. ❤ :)

Hilda said...

I'm so happy for you, sister! You won first place of the giveaway!! ❤ :D


Karen said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures of your great friends. The Lord has good things ahead for you. God bless you!

Terra said...

You have a wonderful circle of devoted friends and relatives, devoted to you and to Jesus and I know you love them right back.

Kat White said...

That is beautiful tribute to your lovely friends everyone is so beautiful! How wonderful God has blessed with you so many wonderful friends. Have a blessed day. Hugs

Grace Sarakan said...

auuu..you have a huge compassion around you...:-)
You are kind, so deserve to accept ..! luv you

Denise said...

Dearest Delvalina,What a beautiful tribute to Your friends from college.You will never forget them nor Your years spent in college.May Our Lord continue to bless Your sweet life-Grandma Denise

Libby said...

You are very blessed to have this group of wonderful friends. I remember when I was in college, one of my friends and I would write letters or leave each other notes of encouragement at times. At the end we always wrote this:

"A friend loveth at all times" (Proverbs 17:17)

It's a blessing to have even just one true friend.

Now, I'm curious. What are you studying in college?

eston zera said...

Love you Dear K. EVa, thank You also for being my sister in God, thank you for the failed spageti you were trying to make. LOL


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