~Leave My Pride~

   "Because You gladly lean to lead the humble
           I shall gladly kneel to leave my pride"
- Brooke Fraser Ligertwood- 

It's been 3 weeks I don't have quality time with Jesus. Oh how come? Am I too busy? Do I forget to have time with Him?... No my friends, just because so much things in my head, I did have time with Him, I read my Bible for sure but soon I closed my Bible and lay down on bed, I did pray also but soon I said a pray and go pull my blanket to cover my body. My head won't stop thinking hows, whos,wheres. It has been the hard I have to deal as young lady my future mystery, I am afraid to face the strange things in the next days.

"Be humble My dear Eva..."
"Humble?... why should be humble, I need You to take my worries. Oh please"
"I will lead you to see more but you should leave your pride"
"My pride.....my pride..." still processing these words.

But then He continue talked to me, as I kept said in my heart "be humble" more each day till I understand. He let me to understand what He meant other day. Without knowing of me He has showed what has happened since a  few months ago and also through some friends' circumstances 

My pride....my pride is when I think that I am the only one who will face my future that I am who own my life, I decided my paths
My pride...my pride is when I plan to much things in the future though I am not really sure God will take some of what I have planed.

Now I know why King David ordered himself  "be still my soul....be still my soul" 
When I can't be still I can't see Him....even when I pray, even when I read my bible.
As I walk with my prides it will not allow God to work in me. I need to leave my pride and be still.

Leave my pride and surrender

I know when one step I take the world will offer me kind of prides the only thing is I need Him to keep me humble.

What's your pride my friend....? I pray that God will keep us humble and remind us that He is the only One in this universe. 


harleygirl said…
Thank you for this post. I needed to hear it today. You are so right. Thank you! :)
Regine Karpel said…
I agree harleygirl! I needed this!
Thanks, Eva!
Terra said…
You are wise beyond your years, and your prayers will lead you on wonderful paths.
Nancy said…
Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder to lean on Jesus. We are NOTHING without him.

Proverbs 16:9 In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

God bless you.
Lizzie said…
Oh, this spoke to me! Thank you for sharing, dear friend.
Anonymous said…
beautiful post <3
Jedidja said…
What a powerful post. Thank you that we may look into your heart.

Martha said…
A beautiful post!
Stephanie said…
Such a sweet, important reminder, my sister. May we always be humble before our Heavenly Father. Pride will only cause us to fall. Thank you for writing this and for being tender to the Lord - you inspire me :)

I love you mucho :) Hugs!
*Dark Angel* said…
Just do your things, and forget the rest. Life is all about loving and living..pride is just a word and shouldn't change one's behavior in any way..god bless you dear, reading after a long time and such an awesome post, thanks for sharing :)

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