My Sunday and Praying for A Friend

This morning was amazing, I felt His presence when I was worshiping God at church today, my eyes wont stop teary when I sang songs. it's beautiful.
I have wanted to dealing with my busy-ness activity just because I want to spend more time with God, just because I want to be closer to Him, and when I was worshiping Him, God talked to me... maybe I look insane or weird if I said this to people, maybe I can make a mistake...because I'm learning to familiar with His voice in any situation. Well this is what He said 
" I know you need Me, and you've been trying to seek Me. Get up in the early morning, walk out around, breath the fresh air for you and talk to Me; I will be there "

"God, is this You or just my idea to being closer with You? well, I'm not sure but this such great idea, and I want to try and talk with You there"  

so that's it... 

and today, I was having my lunch and my sister came to me, and talked to me. She was saying in wondering " Sister, my friend "V" is staying in the mental hospital right now" I was shocked, I stopped eating then I slowly chewing my food and my sister continue telling me why...

I know that girl well, she is nice person and lovely and feminine  and rich :). she was my sister' best friend at college and my sister was her only loyal good friend for she has been in so much trouble since last year. She had glamour life, I was thinking just maybe she depressed at home and she tried to find  happy life in this world which is wrong. Well, she was married at 15 and I know that marriage life is not easy for that age, she had to dealing with it and unfortunately she is not christian, my family tried once to grab her to be pleased in our fellowship but she seemed not interested. So we let it go, and my parents warned my sister to not be friend with her just because my sister was late to be home at nights, when they're hangout.

So on Dec, she was dropped out from her college,  all her friends left her because they knew she lied about her reality life  (my sister did leave her because my parents asked), her husband left her because they were not happy, and her parents stopped to cost her college and took back her car.

I felt so much sorry of this, my heart is so much broken right now, before my eyes were blind that she needed Jesus and God opened my eyes and I feel like someone yell at me and say "wake up and do something"  

My friends, I want to invite you to pray for my sister's friend, her friends visited her in hospital today but she wont meet anyone. I just begged my mom to visit her or I want to visit her by myself. I'm not sure how I can make this...Holy Spirit pushed my heart to come and praying with her together, I don't know how to start because she is not christian...please praying that God gives me wisdom and uses me. 

Thank you so much! ( I would love to hear about your ideas, if some of you have experience with this)



Stephanie said...

Oh sweet friend, my heart goes out to this young woman. I do know her, but our God does and I will be praying for her.

I love you, Sister! Hugs to you!

Faith said...

Wow. I am definitely praying! God is a God who heals, He can restore her life, I believe that much.

Maryah said...

Praying for you! God, please lift Delvalina up and strengthen her so that she may proclaim Your goodness to this girl. Please let Your Spirit speak through her as she ministers to this friend and give Delvalina opportunities to love this girl the way You do. In Jesus' sweet name, Amen.

Karen Frost said...

This is very difficult to see someone so young and full of life fall down so hard. You are very compassionate and loving and caring. Sometimes we just have to pray and leave it in the hands of God. I will pray for your young friend that she will see the light. Hugs, xoxo


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