Love Across The World

So grateful to have friends and family across the world.
It started from a simple thing. What is it? It's Hillsong...yep Hillsong! 
I love to worship God, I love doing this when I play my guitar or playing piano and say adoration words to God. I know worship since the first time I met God. 
One day, a friend told me about Hillsong, the christian music team from Australia. I still remember the first song that I listened at first time called Center of it All (even though I didnt know what does it mean) but I knew I can feel the true worship through this song. So ended with I was crazy fan of Hillsong, and since that time I learn English by my self through their songs. I was 14 years old...I remember that every friday I got to Internet cafe just because I sent them an email haha.
Once, my dad gifted me the DVD and I watched all the concert...I cried in the front of TV because I really reached the worship when I enjoying watching it, and they have a world tour and saw young people gathered together in one place, raising hands, jumping, and dance to worship Him and it pushed to have friend all over the world...friends who love God!

And I joined Hillsong community group in myspace.
and since that time it really gave me progress in my English
and I kept in touch with each one who wants to be friend with me.
and it's so interesting you can share one each other about God in many cultures.

Now I still have some of them, most in Latin America which makes want to learn Spanish.
God brought me amazing friends through this in my life.
Now I almost have friends all over the world...
U.S. hit the top one, then go to South America ( in Honduras and Brazil), then in Australia, Hungary
Friends from Canada  because my sponsor church is there
And since I worked in an organization called AIESEC in my University 
I met amazing young people from 6 continent in this world. I was as manager for a year to assist exchange intern from other countries.

but beyond this all

I am so grateful to have friends who love God from all over the world.
It makes me have such a huge family
we have One Father
we encourage one each other through internet and letters.
We share what we have.
we are connected with Prayers.
I really can feel its impact in my life.

I am' so grateful to have you through this blog.
even in blog...it always makes me smile to see giveaway stuff, and asking for help through prayers, sharing ideas and recipes, and blessing people through our thoughts :)
I will continue do my best in our friendship.

Much Love,


Stephanie said...

Awww, Sister ... you have touched many hearts and lives around the world, including mine. I love how the Lord has allowed you to meet so many different people - what a tremendous blessing and encouragement!

You are a special gem, Eva! I love you, dear friend!

Sherri B. said...

I agree with our dear sister Stephanie. It is so good to be able to share with you in loving Our Lord Jesus in all ways and so many miles apart.

You are a true Blessing dear sister Delvalina. xo

Regine Karpel said...

This makes me joyous!
Love you, Eva!

*Dark Angel* said...

You are such an inspiring and loving soul..I may not read your blog everyday due to my busy schedule, but each time I read your blog, it makes me happy..keep blogging dear :)

Faith said...

Aww, that's SO cool! I love being able to connect with other believers! That's so cool:) Thanks for sharing!

Maryah said...

So true! I love how God has connected each of us through His love!

Karen Frost said...

What a lovely way to connect with others.... sharing love and friendship and worship. Blessings to you, Delvalina! xoxo

LadyD said...

This is beautiful. I too love Hillsong, they were one of the first Christian groups I liked. There is nothing like worship to bring people together and connect us to God.


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