People Need An Answer

I thanked God to the Lord for every blessing that He has pour out here.
I'm so incredible blessed in Him and He truly made me glad
So thank you my beautiful Jesus!
I'm honored to please you as my Lord and Saviour

Last night, I went to visit a family. Visiting family is almost like my parents' job they do this sometimes. Before, my dad has shared me about this family's story...but I was like oh..oh.. and oh..but then it's just away from mind after my dad talked to me. But last night was the first time to me to visit this family. They have 3 children, and I got melting to meet their second who is now grades 4th. She smiled to me and have beautiful eyes and full of shy. I tried to have an conversation with her.

So her dad let us into their house, we took a sit, but before we had hand-shake with their eldest and the wife. My dad started the conversation, I sat beside my mom and dad...I noticed at their children but the eldest got into her room. So I only see the second and youngest who is 3 years old.

They talked a long about their problem's life and asked my dad what should they do, they have tried to find many ways but they got nothing. They have 3 children who need them. I saw tears came out from the wife, maybe I know how it feels a s mother and dad who struggle for life. My dad brought a conversation for knowing how far they have awareness about God, salvation and righteousness. They believed that they are saved when Jesus died on the cross but the don't know what is this, they know that God is kind for people who believe in Him. I listened this whole conversation and I finally knew that why did my parents come is to helping them to find God to fix their life.

Things crossed on my mind....how about people out there? how many families broken, hopeless, because they don't know who God is. Maybe they rich, they own everything they want but they lost peace, joy, and blessing and satisfied in the Lord, they tried to find ways to fix their problems, go to clubbing got drunk, spending money to have happy feelings, drugs, and do things out from His rules...it all ended with suicide and hurting other people. Then they need An Answer. How to get that answer is by knowing God, being close with Him. 

Telling them An Answer...

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
Philippians 2:10


Karen said...

So sweet, Delvalina and an inspiraton! xx

Kailey said...

I just found your cute blog! So sweet. :)
Your English is very good!

Stephanie said...

My sweet and wonderful friend, this was a blessing to read. You are absolutely right, the answer to everything is Jesus Christ. Your words touched my heart to be more open to people about my faith. People are looking for something and that something is our Lord and Savior!

Thank you, beautiful sister!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this story. It was beautiful.

*Dark Angel* said...

Such beautiful words..I found love through this post..not many can be so frank with their thoughts and not many blog conveys such spirited thoughts and inspiration like yours.

Stay beautiful cos God loves you :)

Maryah said...

I've often wondered how many broken families are out there that just need Jesus. You really captured it all so beautifully. Love to you <3

Your sister,

Lauren Davenport said...

Continue sharing the answer, my friend. Many blessings to you.

Regine Karpel said...

Come say!


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