DIY Valentine's Envelope Card

Hello friends,
I am too early to post this for Valentine's day but I think it doesnt matter. I saw this other day on pinterest and it's just so simple, you even can try with close eyes :D
The final look

First, cut the paper gift and make it heart
fold the both sides
fold the top flip it so will look like this
Draw a heart or things that you like to close the envelope and cut it.
Here is.....!!!
and put something inside it or writing something inside
as your Valentine's wishes
and so this is mine....
Yep! Jesus always be my Valentine! :)

who will be your Valentine?


Stephanie said...

Hi my Delvalina,

Stunning, lovely, beautiful, wonderful - I love them! You did a brilliant job and you have inspired me to make some.
Maybe I will make one for my husband and put it in his lunch box as a nice surprise :)
Thank you for sharing, sweet friend!

Love you,

Maryah said...

My dear friend, these are wonderful! It's not too early for valentines, just yesterday I was thinking about a card that I'll make for valentines for my best friend. :) These would be great to make as envelopes for the cards...thanks!!! I love you.

Lauren Davenport said...

Lovely! I'm going to make one for my husband. Thank you!

Karen said...

What a sweet and lovely idea! I will have to make some for my two daughters and put inside a special treat, maybe a chocolate bar. Thank you for sharing this! xx

Jedidja said...

Its very nice! And a sweet idea ...

Carol Z said...

What a sweet idea. So nice to visit your blog.

Morgan said...

How cute I'm going to try that for this valentines day! I have been praying about you lately! I missed your blog! I was thinking that one day when I can save enough I would love to help you pay to come to Florida since I know you really want to go!!

Have a wonderful day my dear!




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