I found Christmas in you!

I thanked God for the beautiful Christmas this  year, my heart has been fulfilled of joy during time. It's been tiring time but this heart exploded with joy, peace and happiness. As I grown up I have got started to learn this life and so the definition of Christmas comes to me, and I just could say that " I found Christmas in you!"

First Merry Christmas to you! Here's the picture of wishing Christmas for me, I took this before went to Christmas service this morning. and I wanted to say sorry I didnt post here and even say hi on your blog for long time because of busyness.
I just love the crown on my head that I made from beautiful small red and white roses, it's actually crown for dancing. I will dance in Christmas show on 28th night :)

Through this years as I try to figure out what has happened to me, and all I can say I found Christmas on you. Many people talk about joy, happiness, snow, carols, family  and so yeah I found that in many people here and there ( it could be one of you who posted blessing blog to me and inspiring me)

I found a Christmas in a family
This first Christmas party i celebrated is my mom's church Christmas. If I could say God made it walk well. I met a family in this church who really has heart to seek God, this family are poor people, if the rain comes then they cannot sleep well at night because of whole around the house, me and my mom always wished if we could have build a castle for this family. But we only have Jesus and little blessings that we could use to blessing this family.
 I said " Mom, I'm gonna give this family parcel of foodstuffs when the christmas party of church come"
" Yes sweety, it could be great gift for them"
but when at night I changed that plan, I thought foodstuff cannot be lasted then I talked to my mom about so we next day we went to shopped all stuffs and yeah in the Christmas party we use our orphanage to celebrate, we dont have a church yet, we only pay for a house so the final is my mom wanted to gifted a towel and couple mugs for them...and in that day we gifted them.
This is when my mom gifted the husband
anyone could see me? :)

So this week we met at church, the wife gave a testimony.
" I would say thank you for the pastor for gifting us a towel, I have needed and wanted to buy this since couple months ago because the old one is robed and crumple, we are glad that God uses you to bless us, and as my thankful I want to sing a song"
I was about to cry, i tried to hold it, this family has blessed me of their spirit of seeking the Lord, though they have unhappy life to the world but I found joy and happiness in this family, and many times I heard the husband said God has made us glad. So I have found a Christmas in this family.

During this year the most inspiring people that I met is Pastor Gerry and his family. The last time I met him on March when He came with his wife to visit the kids here. I don't know how to started what Christmas that I have found in them...it's too much. I adore him not because they has helped us in the orphanage, because they are just a family not rich people like I met some before. But his church and some of friends has helped us. and so what Christmas that I have found in them, that is heart of Jesus and the faithfulness, it's really really inspiring me. I can see their hearts to the kids here, well I cannot describe it. It's just beautiful...you will feel something different if someone gives you a gift because what they have and a gift because they want to show you how God loves you. It's so different, and I found it in him. I even prayed God, when I grown up I want to be like Him, asking God to use me to have hearts for those who in need both Jesus and daily necessary. I want that also people fin Christmas in me, something that can bring the Jesus and joyful. I found Christmas in Him.

Another stories, I found Christmas in my bestfriend Sean :) I'm blessed through his heart to Haitian kids, I know he is in need too, that he is still young but heart to the Haitian kids cannot make limit of his heart of giving. My prayer that God continue bless him to bring the glory of Jesus' name. Praying that he will be back to Haiti in this January :) here's some pictures that he took during his trip in Haiti.

                                                     Source: cargocollective.com via Delvalina on Pinterest

and I found Christmas thorung my friends Stephanie and Maryah...thank you for sharing everything to me, you are one of the best gifts this year.

Oh Jesus you are just too beautiful through this all

I pray for everyone that you could be a Christmas to people around you :)
Happy Christmas friends!


*Dark Angel* said...

I have never seen such a simple and true post. I read the post throughout and I wanted to know a little more, the way you wrote this one seemed like you were actually talking..it was a nice and sweet post for Christmas. Your ma is such a pretty and kind lady..wish her good health and happiness :)
and your best friend Sean is a good person..you are surrounded by good souls, so lucky you are :)
Merry Christmas..stay happy stay blessed :)

Maryah said...

I love the crown of roses that you made for the dance! I hope that goes well! Your post was beautifully written and I'm so glad that you were able to bless that family, you're such a wonderful servant of the Lord.
Merry Christmas!! <3

Stephanie said...

You are beautiful, my sweet friend! Your heart is like pure gold that loves our precious Savior. Your words touched my heart and brought good tears to my eyes. I love reading about your desire to serve and worship our King - you are an inspiration and a blessing to me!
Thank you for sharing this lovely and heart-warming post...it was wonderful!
God is so good to have brought our lives together - I am so thankful for you!

Hugs and Love,


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