Super Easy and Simple Brownies

Hello Lovelies ,

This time  I am not posting like normally I do, and probably this blog will fulfill with random things like "telling you how I cooking or baking, and some random things that I love to do" but I would not change this blog's name, coz yes! my beloved beautiful Savior always makes me in love with Him :) and the truth is I've been wanting to do this in my blog I just don't know how but some blogs inspiring me especially a blog of my beautiful sister in Christ, Stephanie you may check her awesome blog The Enchanting Rose , I am enchanted by her blog, end everything that she posted there.

Well, let's jump into the Brownies cake :)
This is my first attempt for Brownies, everyone says it's easy but I was fail for the first, it looks little messy but it's soo yummy! just saying :)

Okay, so what we need :
1. Instan Cake Mix, that's why I called Easy and simple
2. Dark Chocolates
3. Eggs
4. Vegetable Oil
( adjust the dose with the Instant Cake Mix )

Mixing the Instant Cake Mix with Eggs and Vegetable Oil by using mixer on the high level of speed
Mixing till evenly
Heat the steamer pot 
then put the half   dough into the bowl that you use for steaming but before please covering the bowl with the butter
Then steaming for about 25 minutes
Melting the dark chocolates then pour out on the first dough after 25 minutes, make a sure that first dough is almost mature.
put the other half dough on the melting chocolate.
Then steaming for about 25 minutes.
for the top here I pour out the melting dark chocolate but you may create with your own creation :)
This is how it looks from the top

So...This is it Super Easy and Simple Brownies ala Chef Delvalina 
  hehehe :D

For you who are used to baking you dont need to follow this step, I am sure you better than I do :) 
suggestion from you is very recommended :)
and for you who never do this before, this could be good trial for you.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my English.

Jesus Loves you!


Stephanie said...

Yum, Yum, Yum!! Delvalina, the brownies look AMAZING!! They look gooey, moist and chewy...everything a brownie should be! Wish I was there to have some with you :) You did a great job and I look forward to more recipes from you. And at the end of your post you wrote, "Jesus Loves You"....guess what?! I love you too, Sister in Christ! :)


Anonymous said...

Your brownies look good. They are making my stomach growl just looking at them! :)


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