~With All I Am~

Sitting in the front of my window as I am writing my thesis and playing a music With all I am by Hillsong that Darlene Z sang it...reminds me of Pastor Gerry and his wife in the last March came to Indonesia to see us in orphanage. It was such a beautiful time that we worshiped  God and played together.

It was the first day of their coming and esp for Ibu Sharon, when the first time I saw her it’s totally remind me of Darlene..her hair, and her beautiful as woman of God. She asked us to sing With all I am, and she shared me, this song was the first time she heard from us ( Pastor Gerry and Mark was filming us when we sang this song last year when both of them visited us on March 2011 ) she said she watched the video and this song and our worship touched her heart..she wanted to teach this song for her students in the music class... after she shared this to us, she walked to the altar and I followed after her and being with her to playing piano and all of us sing together...she asked me how is the first of this song and I started to sing it, and she tried to play the key in piano...I just felt overwhelmed by God’s mercy...my tears were about to drop but I tried to hold it....

Tonight is just the same feeling when I played this song again...yeah I am wrting this and listening to this beautiful song...these past weeks been so hard since I harder to write my thesis, and everyday my mind is haunted by my future...I tried to stand and let God steady my heart...

“ I walk with You wherever You go through tears and joy I trust in You...”

There is nothing that I can do for my life but being closer to God each day...I am so glad that He wants me in His heart, He wont me to be succesful  in this life but be faithful...He wont me to be look good but be right according to His words... all things happened in my life just by a reason He wants me to know who He is...and how He works in life..

And tonight I pray for the canadian family and church of Soul Sanctuary, they are just beautiful people that God sent to us...there is a beautiful story that God has made that we met them...about Alana’ Story for Indonesian children, I would love to write it here. And I pray for you that may God bless you through my blog, thanks for stopping by :)
                                                            ( Ibu Sharon and Mom )
Well, I need to end this writing it’s 11.17 pm and the beautiful night sky out there, I feel like God is calling me to meet Him :)
~everyday is beautiful though seems hard but will end beautifully when God is your most first place in life~

Much love,


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