Skype Love Story for Valentine's day!

My Skype Love Story

Dear Skype,

It’s been 3 years I date an awesome guy on other side of the world. He lives in USA and I live in Indonesia, we haven’t see each other in real life. I never guessed or thinking that God will take me this way “long distance” but I believe as long as it comes from Him it would be the best one. I met him on March 2008 it started when he tried to help me by sending a Christian Music cd Hillsong United because it has not been available yet in Indonesia then we started to be friend but havent chat only through by message for a year, we share about our different life with studies, family and cultures. And finally in March 2009 he asked me to being with him. Well, actually I won’t  take this relationship because of the distance but the destiny took me this relationship. Even God has control for this.

So after a year we friend and never chat, and after he asked me we tried to catch up in chats. For the first time I met my awesome prince was also I met you Skype. I havent heard about “skype” before like it’s not popluar in Indonesia in a few years ago, so I was thinking like I was the first one in Inodnesia who knows Skype haha it’s funny! :D

Well then at the time is our first date on skype, he could hear me sing and the first time I see his charming face :) and we talked like almost 3 hours on skype. That was my first time and was very awesome to mee... it made me be the happier girl than anyone else in this world, I could see him and we were like very close and like not be separated. And now 3 years we’ve been dating on skype,and thank you Skype for making it up, and helping us in this relation. I believe and I know that God will bring us together someday.

Each part of this stories is beautiful and awesome, like a very tale. I don’t write here the whole story because it’s too long, but one day he propose me, I will get started to write this and put “Skype” in our stories, I will dedicate this writting for those who are in long distance realtionship.
Happy Valentine’s day Skype! I hope you continue help ones like me :)

Much Love,


Karla Jeane said...

Hello! I am so blessed to read your post. I'm also a Christian, and am an avid fan of Hillsong. I'm from the Philippines, and I believe God had pre-planned it for me to come across your site, because I was searching for Brooke Fraser's "May Waltz" which was also in your site. It's very great to read your story -- how you met your prince. Truly God arranges everything perfectly. I hope and pray that you both will continue growing stronger together. Hope to hear from you! God bless you! :)

Delvalina said...

Thank you Karla :)it's nice to hear a friend that lives beside me.Thank you, I really appreciate it. We walk with God wherever He wants us to go. It's hard to have this long distance but I believe God wants us to understand His time and and this is where our love is tested. I would like to know you more! and this is my fb. delva_hillsong@hotmail.com ( and yeah!! I love Hillsong cant wait for cornerstone album)Praying for you too.

Karla Jeane said...

Oh, thank you Delvalina! Your message really lightened up my day today :) It's a great feeling to know that somebody shares the same Spirit you have.. :) May you both continue to walk in obedience to God. :) Okay, I'd love to see you on facebook! and yeah, thank you for praying for me! :) This is my site too, you may want to follow me :D theclandestineme.wordpress.com :) God bless you abundantly! :)


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