~A Note to God~

Dear Lord God,
I have a story about an old man who lives  100 mill from my dorm. 

7 weeks ago when I passed that way I saw an old man with no footwear, dull hair and flat face sat down in the outskirt of a shop. A crackle bag is next to him. I looked at him about 5 seconds...then I kept go ahead to stop a bus.

5 weeks ago I was walking with my friend and we passed that way I saw he was sleeping under the tree which was beside the shop, nothing changed in this old man’s appearance. He was warm in his brown ragged clothes and dusty. I looked at him about 5 seconds...then I asked my friend...

“Do you think he has a family and home?”and we kept going through.
4 weeks ago, I walked through that way, I saw him and nothing changed he was sitting down in the front of his crackle bag and trying to find something in it...I looked at him about 5 seconds..and I said “ Does he have foods for today?”

3 weeks ago, I going through that way, and I saw him again, nothing changed with everything he has I look at him and I said, oh may God bless you, and strengthen you sir...

2 weeks ago I walked pass that way too, and I saw him again, and I felt like I want to come him and say hi, but I was the only girl at that way, I was worried and affraid if he’s not sane and hurt me...and I looked at him and praying that God helps his life.

A week ago, I walked at the same way, I saw him was sleeping, and I prayed God how can I help him?

And today I walked in heavy rain, even that was flood by the rain, I could not wear my shoes because of flood. I saw him, he was standing and holding his crackle bag, he could not sleep even sit, the place where he was, was flood...and I prayed inside my heart...
“ God, he needs You...he needs to know You, the One who could save his life for now and forever”

And tonight, I am tired for the long day throughout, I’ve been thinking that much things that I should do in this year...things that can glorify my Father’s name. And that old man crossed in my mind...I still thinking how to say hi to him and give him a food and invite him to praying togther and tell him that God loves him and can change his life with a new hope. I pray if God wants to use me...He can works it out for good. I hope tonight he can sleep well in this cold air outside.

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