Seperti seorang bapak sayang kepada anaknya - Like a father loving his child

I looked through some pictures that Sean shared me about Dasso Family and there was a picture that really touching my heart. That picture reminds me of my Father in heaven.
I cannot close my eyes tonight and I am back on my computer to post something here. The title above “seperti bapak sayang anaknya” it’s Indonesian means “Like a father loving his child”.
It’s an Indonesian worship song which is one of my favorite song, reminds me that I have perfect Father. Father above fathers. How blessed I am that I was born as one who knows Him well, and so He knows me well like no others.

I have a dad, he is the of most awesome people in the world that inspires me. He has a heart to serve the Lord faithfully and teaching us to put God first in life. Something interesting to me about him is how the way he beats us J with one purpose he wants us to know where is the good things and bad things even more he wants us to live like what God wants us to live. Well, when we do worng things, at first he let us know our mistakes by asking question then he will hit up with his wooden cane and there is written on that “ there is love in this wooden”. Once he finish do it then we will go to hang out with him, and buying us some new stuffs that we like. Yeah! That’s my father in the world...

Well, how about our Father in Heaven? He also has the way to love us when we do wrong things, he knows how being a good Father for His people, He leads us, He taking care of us, feed up, even serve us! and He is more than our father in the world. When we do mistakes, and dont realized He know how to remind us...
I was thinking that I was a little girl and walk with her Father for buying sugar cookies. When we walked through the shops He kept hold my hand and singing with me, and the we stopped in a shop, He tried to get all sugar cookies for me, and so he let off my hand from his hand, I also wanted to get the other cookies though I didn’t know are they good for my healthy or not, so I turned my way and walked to find another cookies by my self... I didn’t know that I was doing a mistake, and probably He would shout at me and warned me, and grabbed my hands and back to the first potition where He found me the cookies.
Dear Lord God, I probably like this little girl, I didn’t know that I was doing a mistake because I didn’t know what is the best for me..but You, You really do.

I am so incredible blessed to have a Father in Heaven.
Much Love,

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