~A little Hope in Heavy Rain~

Dear friends, I am sitting here in the front of my computer through all day...if I could stop my mind to think about life, because I’ve been tired. I only want tonight a space where there is nothing else but me and Jesus, I cant hold to live far away from His embracing, I really can’t hold it. I need Him every single second.

A couple months ago before my internship until I finished my internship in Bali, only three words for what has happened to me “ GOD IS AMAZING” yes He is. He has owned my futures.
It was great moments in my internship, I learn so many thing especially in major, and most the awesome thing was meet the President of East Timor, but goes beyond it all I met lovely people in the place where I did my internship. They treat me like their family and guided me to learning all things there. Even they celebrated my birthday.  Many things that I could not write here, it’all is wow, wow, and wow!!!

So I am back to school again to finish my studies, I hope I can finish at the begining of next year. I really want to work, I am a dreamer, many things I want to do for God and people here and the world. “Oh Lord Jesus, I can’t do this without you”
I know I will do, and I almost there, I only want that God uses me through what He has gifted me, the desires that He put in my heart.

I read my Bible at night and in the morning, I want to close with Him, I won’t be separated with Jesus. He is too sweet and I’m in love with Him, and worshiping Him, and thank you to the Lord for the album “You are Love” by Darlene Zschech, spending time in my room listening to this song and thinking of my beautiful Jesus

Well, back to the top, about life... “I want to get the job” for my school, I live in developing countries which is not easy to get a job for the young lady like me. I won’t bother my parents with my school stuff, I really want to make them happy and helping them. But I can’t :’( this is still be in my top prayer and also for my realtionship with my someone special. Sometimes I feel tired to mention these pareyers...but I know God is good, He is not changing and doesnt change... there is a little hope in the heavy rain, and I want to dance in faith.

Thank you Jesus for today! I love you and will always love you.

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