Dedicated to Brooke Fraser

Well, have you ever seen this girl? or listen to her songs or even you sing it like sometimes.
She is Brooke Fraser exactly Brooke Fraser - Ligertwood after she married. I love her when the first time I saw she sung in Hillsong United.
Pointed nose, like a bird's beak, the glow black hair, the  big lips post under her nose like a pink love cake.
has a tall body
sometime her face looks like Anne Hathaway, sometime like Evelyn Salt ( Angelina Jolie )
but about two years later after the first time I saw her, I heard her another song. "Deciphering Me".
Actually I have loved her since I saw she sing with Hillsong and Darlene Z. like Lord of Lords and Hosanna. My favorite favorite song. I keep playing my guitar and sing it.
I've wondered who is this girl, I thought she just a worship leader at Hillsong, I tried to figure out and she has millions thing that makes me want her.

She wrote stunning words in her songs
Every song describes each page of my life.Even she wrote about the coming of my True Prince Jesus Christ. I think she has writen the beautiful love song to Jesus " Day is dimming"
and, she is beautiful in sing, I love to see her silliness in every video.

her style, almost turn to the vintage, old stuff, and I like it. It's about simply and beauty

and the last thing, she is loving,  helping and caring person. hmmmm The Charity Water to African Kids. :)

Dear Brooke Fraser, I dream you other night that I hung out  with you. I hope and pray someday I can watch you in live or see you  sing in heaven to adoring our King.

I hope you like this, I am not cool in writting hehe ;)



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Soy Celeste said...

¡Hola Delvalina! A mi me parece igual. Opino igual que tú. La encuentro parecida a la actriz Anne H. Me gusta mucho su forma de cantar y me gusta Hossana. No sabía que se había casado. Me gusta tu blog. Que dios te siga dando sabiduría, te continúe bendiciendo y te guarde a ti y a tu buena familia. Un abrazo.


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