I'm back here, and wanted to let you know some stuffs. If you read my posts before you might be wondering what was happening to me. And I answer that was another color  of my life-chapter :) and God was there.
The devil, really wants to destroy my family, include me, and I think he has been trying harder since last year but God always protects my whole family. Look! we are okay, though my parents fight sometimes but recent days they are dating and spending time with my brothers, sister and three my dogs. So devil, how poor you are! :P

Oh, few months ago I also telling you all, about my studies, how much I struggle to finish my school, I have been rejected for my internship 6 times, and here the 7 God worked it perfectly ( 7 is God's number, and also my bf number ;) ) I will take off from Solo tomorrow night to Bali and how blessed I am, my parents too will take me to the airport. I really can't wait for my career life, and I want Jesus is there too. Oh He is my top heart in life!

Back to the past for a while, I was really depressed by what was happening last week, I have prayed and fasted for that because...I didn't know at all, where is the way that I should walk through, I was wrong, I made mistakes, and I felt like God was silent. I did make mistake because I didn't know His ways.


I've been wondering, though I made some mistakes, and probably hurt Him but I still love Him, I love Him though I was on the wrong way, He stunning me! I'm too in love with Jesus. That is my first Thanksgiving.

and,.. He just answered me, pour out His soul to me at that night when I met Him, I was overwhelmed in His presences. I talked much with Him and He made me understand one thing

" you don't need to be good, or perfect,  you don't need try to be precious in the front of people, though you know that you are precious so you will not to arrange the things of life. You only need to be with Me always, no matter where the bus takes you, you will be safe. Be with Me always My dear daughter, because I want you "

I know, I'll be precious when I am with Him.
Here is my heart that full of thanksgiving, that You are there for me. Thank you Jesus!


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