You teach me and I want to learn it....

Delvalina Tuanger November 10 at 10:15pm
I am copying your status and its exactly what God is teaching me. I have been trouble since a month ago but I believe He loves me. Even I dont understand what He has done for me, but I know its the best for me.
so thank you for your blessing status :)

I hope you are well. and oh, by the way I am Delvalina. and I am Indonesian.

Jesus loves you sister ♥
Gisselle Idiaquez November 14 at 6:44am Report
Thanksss :) GBU ♥ You Too :D !!!

Its a few message that I sent to a friend in Honduras, read her status, and the status just like what God is teaching me since a few months ago.

I asked God to give me strength, He gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked God to give me courage, He gave me danger to overcome. I asked God to gave me prosperity, He gave me brain to work. I asked God to give me knowledge, He gave me problem to solve. I asked God to give me love, He gave me trouble people to... help. I received nothing I wanted. But I received everything I needed. ♥

 Sometime I don't understand what is in Jesus' mind, even I am trying, I will not know..its too deep to sink His mine, but at the end you will say " Oh..that's it, Oh...thank you Lord, Oh He wanted me to learn it" maybe you do not know what He is doing and He's going to do, but we need to believe, to trust Him our life, He is doing something big in our life even it seem not good, but it will be good at the time.
At finally, I know He is teaching me and I've been learning so many things. I know that what He has done and is going to do ALL THE BEST. He catches me in the other side, and saved me from these hard days.
Thank you Jesus!! now I know nothing that could ever seperate me from Your Love.

Much Love,


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