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A couple of years ago, I asked my friend Holly if she would do a little piece to camera about her journey with regards to breast cancer, which we then showed at our Breast Cancer Awareness Week gathering. So amid pink balloons, pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, we had our bubbly friend from Hollywood share a couple of things that she felt were important in her recovery and handling of the challenge.
In a nutshell she encouraged anyone facing this battle to:

  • FIGHT - she said it's critical (after the initial shock) to find the strength to rise up and fight on both a natural and spiritual front
  • RECOGNISE FEAR - discover how to counteract fears negative and detrimental effects
  • BECOME A LEARNER - across all aspects of your personhood (body, soul, spirit), discover what is going to help or hinder recovery
  • ASK FOR AND SEEK HELP - you can't battle this alone. You need people alongside who are strong when you are not
God is not the author of sickness nor despair and in our humanity our bodies can be assailed by stuff that is so far removed from his perfect will for our lives. Jesus came to bring life and hope and His Word (the bible) is full of wisdom on how to maintain, recover and rediscover health.
We are all on a journey of revelation and understanding... and as a church, we desire to come alongside people suffering and lend a helping hand in whatever way we can. We don't pretend to have all the answers and there are times when we see people miraculously recover... and there are times when it appears that the disease wins. But I remember my husband Brian saying in this context, "do we lower our faith to the level of our experience, OR do we lift our experience to the level of our faith". We chose to put our faith in a God who cares, a God who carried and carries our burdens, and a God whose Word gives insight and wisdom on how to care for our mortal bodies.

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