~A Battle~

~And this is my prayer in the battle
When triumph is still on its way
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ
So firm on His promise I'll stand~

After two months working *sigh* I've been overwhelmed. How so? Well, if I could make a list, there alot of things I missed and longing for. The most I miss is being home and sewing, I feel like I lost my friends too. This job  has given me deal with children and
parents. One day I told my mom that I wanted to resign from this job, I don't think I can do it my best for this. Yes, I've been talking to God every day. But seems my boss wont to let me go, she needs me though I am not as expert as what she thought.

This is the first I am in work-life (you know what I mean) I am not used to with this situation. Now I learn to be grateful in "new" hard situation hehe.  Well, it was Sunday evening where we have family devotion, we read a passage in Joshua 1. There, many times God reminded Joshua " Be strong and courage" before he led God's people to the land that God has promised. In that moment I remembered  a dream, a dream where  I met Jesus. I walked through the long and straight way but then I met big man who wore black outfit and he shoot me with a gun in his hand, then I fell down I thought I died but then I saw an old man gave me his hand when I looked at him - I knew he must be Jesus and he helped me to stand, I thought he was going to walk with me but he let me go by myself and he said "be strong and courage" through the long way it was 3 times I reminded of those words in different place - finally I made it to a place, that I should be there when I came into that room I saw many children, crowded and noisy it looked like a class without control. I saw a little girl scream and other little boys, I was scared, and then I had to deal with them all, and there I thought it was a battle and that's why Jesus said that and reminded me many time. I prayed hard for those students , and deal with them. That's the dream.

God reminded me that dream suddenly - Oh, now I know that it's clearly what God wants me to do. I feel the same situation like in my dream now, and I keep my eyes on Jesus where my strength come from and praying for the students. It's amazing how God has told me before! 

I really need your prayers for me that I have some problem students in the place I work, it makes me scared sometimes. I know I am in a new battle now. I think God is taking me to next level if I could pass  this test.

Thanks for reading this blog after such along time.
I missed all of my blog friends! you're in my prayers.


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