~Birdcage Lamp~

I think I've been obsessed with birdcage recently. I have found some of lovely white birdcage through some of your blog and pinterest, sometimes with the candles inside and lamp and it gave me idea to change my desk lamp.

 I have a close neighbor here, and her husband' job is to make the birdcage and sell it so I have asked him other day if he could make me one but I just need to know if you could share your opinion which one that you like, probably it can help me to decide it :) 

These pictures source by Pinterest

I really love the design of this birdcage it looks like church, doesnt it?

I just love the detail of the leaves 
This is just so girly and sparkle :)
I think it will a beautiful touch for the light
Simply beautiful - the lamp inside just adorable

this just simple and beautiful and I love to see that it's hanging
This is just adorable with a thin fabric

So tell me which one that you like?

I hope that everyone has wonderful week and sorry to hear that many people get sick lately (I think the climate change). I hope  feel better soon.




R's Rue said…
I like the first one!
Karen said…
Yes, they are all pretty, but I really like the white one with the butterflies! Thank you for your comment. Have a great day!
Unknown said…
I love them all! Especially the second to last one :)
Arystha said…
The first one kece banget kak! XD
These are really pretty, Delvalina - I think I like them all, but my favorites are the 'church' one and the large one on the table. I have two birdcages - I might try this, thank you for sharing. Hugs xo Karen
Olga Rani said…
Oh, these are such beautiful creations! It is really hard to decide which one I like better. Well, if I had to chose for myself I think that would be the last one, with fabric panels.
Pam Williams said…
I like the one that you described as looking like a church. It would be so beautiful with a light inside--just like your beautiful words with the light of Jesus shining through them, Delvalina!
Lizzie said…
Oh, how pretty! I love all of them, but my personal favorites are the first one and the last one. =)
Unknown said…
They are all so beautiful! I would have to say I like the first one the best.

Wishing you a blessed day.
Joyful said…
I too like the first one best. But go with that one that you like best :-)

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