7 Days till Dressember!

 ~ For her price is  far above rubies ~
Proverbs 31

Via Mercy Ministries

It's 7 days till Dressember !!! ( you can click the link) 

When the first time I heard about Dressember in my is dress in December ( wearing dress during December) I though it's about proper look for women but when I found out it's all about campaign to save women and children from human trafficking. It started from a heart of Blythe Hill you can watch her story here.

Why I wanted to take a part ?
I adore things about womanhood - my grandmas and my mom showed me how the woman should be, and the power inside ( virtous and dignity) it always started from family ;) and women in Bible stories, & R.A. Kartini, I still have more favorite of women around the world.

I love to see how mothers lead their children to Jesus 
I love how the wives respect their husbands and empowering them in life.

I love to see women change the world.

But then destroyer came and has been using this part to reversed the truth of humanity  then my heart breaks for the ladies in slavery. 

and I love wearing dress and skirt ( some of you know it) I just feel empowered by being virtous one.

Things we can do : (Ask God  that we can do these things)

Praying (it's an investment & changes things). 
let God uses us wherever we are and whatever we do.
Spread the word (break the silence of darkness) using social media, the more people know, the more we make it less.
Take a part in campaign, and here are my favorites: 

A21 this organization run by Christine Cain 
This organization more to rescue the people in slavery.
Christine Cain is one of my favorite speakers, I never see her live but I love visiting youtube to watch her.
Mercy Multiplied this organization run by Nancy Alcorn
I knew this organization  when I was really young - I ever had dream to work as volunteer here. This organization more to help ladies for the restoration. Before this organization called Mercy Ministries but then they changed the name on October 2015 because their expanded outreach to help the ladies build their lives after saving their lives. If you see my whole blog you always see Mercy podcast :)

Dressember this campaign run by Blythe Hill.

END IT is a Coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for FREEDOM. Our amazing Coalition Partners are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION. Each of them is focused on a different step of the journey.


So ladies, I think it will be fun to wear dress during this December and spread the word. 
Are you in? 


~ The Mara ~

 She said to them, “Do not call me Naomi; call me Mara,for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.
Ruth 1:20

As I read the The book of Ruth, I couldn't imagine how was Naomi at the moment though she was Mara but she still trusted Him. It's hard when things are not going as we expected. She has lost her husband now she lost the two sons. Then she asked Orpa and Ruth to leave her. She didn't want them to be a part of her sorrow but Ruth she knew Naomi well , she still wanted to be with her, be a part of her sorrow because she knew there would a good thing to be with Naomi .I believe there must be a desire as a virtuous woman to be  good wife and mother or even a grandmother. Oh poor Naomi...

But, the good thing is Naomi knew that God had a plan for her. He turns everything for good. At the end by owning the name of Mara she could see the beautiful work of God. She had grandson called Obed  and there would come the Savior of the world. Not only her who could see but also people at Moab could see that the Lord truly has a great plan through the hard times for those who trust in Him (thats where I see Beautiful in bitterness).

Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice, because I have hoped in your word.

Psalm 119:74

As we are strangers in this world there's a season where we are Mara(s) and as I write this to encourage you, also encouraging myself.  I am easily person who worry at times but my heart grateful that Jesus has paid my worries at the cross. Trust in the Lord all in good or bad times that He has a great plan. 

The morning woman of God who has hoped in the LORD.
The broken and dark inside but the Light has found you.
The beauty in the weakness.
The strength is a part of your soul.
The woman that goes through the rivers but it shall not overflow her.
The woman that walks through the fire but she shall not be burned.
The bruised  reed that He will not break.
The smoking flax that He will not quench.
The molded porcelain.
You're bitter but beautiful.

We might be Mara, a small bitter in this world but the Lord will remember us
He is just full of mercy.
Thank you sweet Jesus!


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