Blessing Week of This Season

The second week of this month is overwhelming and blessing.
So much to do with decoration stuff, cards and mailing Christmas invitation. For more I should taking care of my younger brothers and sisters in orphanage (I'm the eldest :D ) they are invited to sing in some churches and places during this Christmas and I should watch them practice every evening and playing guitar when they're singing.  One thing that made me smile that God is still trusting me to help my parents ministry in this orphanage thought only few people now. Once I was trying to stop thinking about orphanage stuff some of you knew what happened in the early of this year, I stopped to do this and that but there is a time when God pulled me back and calling me again. Should I reject it? No, I love Him and I love these children and their futures and dream. So I stay here...I stay as their sister...again. I know that I'm not kind of person that easily closer to people but God has many ways when He wants me to be there.

The Blessing is God still there, 

the last time we sang was at a church, they have filmed our daily activity and they want their children learn from us. That's a good point, we sang, and I gave testimony and saw some of them teary... God has touched them with our lives

Yesterday 2 different people came here and gave gift for each one of us in this orphanage, and today I saw their happy faces (the children) some of them are just can't wait to shopping but they give it back tenth of the gift as what the Bible has taught us.

I still write my journal and and I read every journal I wrote since January of this year. I just found that God has brought me to the top and through the valley He never let me go...I wrote what I wanted to pray and He answered mostly each of them ( I checked list). If you havent had a kind of this journal then I suggest you to have one. Write what you want to pray, write what God has told you and asked you to do, and also write what happen after you pleased Him....and see how blessed you are.

"He stay the same and never change...Thank you Jesus!"

Now for my Dressember fun during the second week.

This is hard to do everyday that I should dress everyday because my normal clothes at home are shirt and rumple pants (they're just very comfy for me. I only wear dress when I'm out of home. But I have decided to do this for ending the slavery. Please do anything you can do to prevent slavery, one thing that I really can do is educating people. How important education to prevent the human trafficking.




I wore the same dress other day and my face look so tired lol :D




Christmas Twig Ornament

So, I love things like wooden, twigs, branches. I loved to see my friend Stephanie about her Twig Ornaments other day and I was inspired to make with my own creation. So here is.

What you need is only twigs and your favorite ornaments . and here is mine


some twigs
christmas ornaments (red and green ribbon) 

make a frame with the 6 twigs

here is how I make the Christmas bow

I made two kinds or bow :)
and put on the corner of the frame twig

I'm making this ornament to decorate for Christmas in our church.
So I've been crafting since last Monday but I'm glad my mom is home now and we both will help each other during this Christmas.

May your day be merry and bright :)


~Trusting with Love & Dressember Fun~

It's 2.37 am and I can't sleep. Almost for 3 hours I was laying but my eyes wide. I can't sleep...it happens when to much things in my head and you will know what I do if you read my previous post Bible. Yes, I grabbed my Bible and read and I wrote in my journal and I love when God showed me the clue or the revelation. 

 And Samuel said,
“Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices,
    as in obeying the voice of the Lord?
Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,
    and to listen than the fat of rams.
                                              ( 1 Samuel 15:22)

It's written that Obey is better than sacrifice  and I know it sometimes hard for me to obeying Him, though I'm trying to please Him with my own way but obey Him is much way better.

Sometimes my future is big mountain for me, it's crazy if I thinking of this everyday, maybe because I'm young. So many questions in my head, and it's not easy to trust Him.

"God, I trust You and you must be happy right?" -Done!

This is what in my mind before (God, I trust You, so do what You want to do) This moment seems like my mom asked me to do something and obey it though I didn't like it, so I would do it with grumbling.  

Oh...it's just so wrong. I know but my soul will against this thought...

"Let's do, and let's obey because I love Him and I'm happy if I can make Him be glad"

I love when my heart speak speak peacefully and make me calm, I know He makes my heart His home :) then He have loved me first.

So, I will trust Him no matter what because I love Him :)

~I discovered that it's not easy to trusting God through the hard times but when your heart loves Him so, you will trust Him no matter what.~

My Dressember Outfit

It's hard for me to get post this every single day with every single picture bu I wear my dress everyday, and my heart always breaks for women and children in slavery and thousands girls who are who face a combination of life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and unplanned pregnancy. It's been in my dream since I was 15 that someday I want to work in Mercy Ministries, so you'll know that I'm so pumped to do this :)

This is my outfit today. Dressember2013 Day #7

My outfit yesterday Dressmber2013 #6 I was at home because of rainy all day :)

Dressember2013 #5 I was in the field behin my house and finding branches to make Christmas ornament :)

Thank you so much to Ceil from Evangelize To Me thank you for posting your giveaway gift, and all you do is just too sweet and made my heart melting and I you know I'm so much blessed to have you as family in Christ. Thank you for all beautiful posts then encourage me through my days.

And Thank you for Lizzy from His Redeemed Child for posting the giveaway gift! You are darling friend to me :) and I'm glad you like it all.


Joining Dressember

~Love can make a change~

My Dear friends,

I'm officially joining this campaign. So what is this campaign about?

Dressember is a month of wearing dresses. At its core, Dressember is a celebration of femininity and beauty. It has created a community the globe of like-minded individuals who would not have otherwise ever come in contact with one another.

In 2013, Dressember took on new meaning: opposing human trafficking by aligning with International Justice Mission. IJM is a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. Now, those who participate in Dressember are also seeking to raise awareness and funds for IJM's work to continue. The heart of Dressember is freedom-- that every woman, man, and child has the right to be free to live a vibrant life.

I Participate for this because my heart is broken each time I got the news about slavery, human trafficking, poverty and such as. 

and how the could I participate

and sign up
second, is spread it out

you also can Donate

the last rule is for the ladies, I really love this one :)
wearing your dress in entire December, well it doesn't mean you have 30 dress but you can wear it another style. Captured your self while you wearing the dress post it on blog/facebook/twitter/instagram or any kind of social media.

It's too late for me to post this, but we never late to take this campaign and help the victims. Love can make a change and let God be glorified.

I'm not sure if I can wear dress and capture it everyday, but I will try as I can :)

Thank you


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